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  1. What should I look for when buying a camper/caravan/tent?

​   2. How do I bring a motorhome into Guernsey? 

   3. What is the law for camping and using my motorhome/caravan in Guernsey?


   4. Does the club know of or have any places I can store my motorhome/caravan Locally?


           At this moment in time, the club does not own or rent any private land that would be suitable for storage. We

           would recommend joining our private Facebook group and asking other members if they have or know of any

           storage as places come up all the time and mainly travel via word of mouth. 

           If you are a member please follow this link to our private Facebook group.

    5. Does the club know of any storage in France?

            There is covered storage available at Pleurtuit, France for motorhomes and caravans, please click the link for 

             contact details and prices. 





     6. How much does it cost to become a member? 

            Single Memberships £18.50

            Family Memberships £37.00 

    7. How do I become a member?

           Becoming a member is easy! Click JOIN US at the top of the screen where you will find an application form, 

           Alternatively, you can send an email to with all your information. 


           Membership renewals are due in February after our annual AGM meeting. 

    8. Do I have to own a motorhome/caravan or tent to become a member?


           No, The committee tries their very best to provide many social events throughout the year that doesn't involve

           camping. We pride our self on being a very sociable and friendly club and invite members without the facilities 

           to camp to attend evening events on local rallies.         

    9. How do I make payments for membership renewal and events?


             Although the Club will still accept cheques as a form of payment for events, we have now introduced payment by                         means of Bank Transfer. Please put the reference as "subs".

             Account Name: Guernsey Camping Club

             Sort Code: 30-93-73

            Account Number: 01370414

   10. Guide to travel to and from Europe after Brexit.   



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